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We’re inspired by the people we meet.
We spend our entire working life asking questions, listening to stories and gathering information so we can make quick, accurate introductions and ensure long term, mutually beneficial outcomes. We get a kick out of building relationships and introducing amazing people because of who they are, the things they've done and what we believe they can do together. 

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The business environment is forever changing and innovation is running faster than ever before. To grow, organisations require systems to support them, they require capital to fund expansion, knowledge and data to enter new markets and expertise to acquire other companies. We play an integral part to support our clients through these change events by introducing subject matter experts to plan, execute and deliver on projects such as these.

Leadership & Mentoring programme

Bringing people together is what we love doing. Helping people achieve their career goals is equally important to us. Combine these with our desire to give back to the community that has so graciously supported us for years and you’ll discover our mentoring and leadership programs. Both are hosted over a six month period covering topics like connectedness, the art of story-telling, personality profiling and more. Participation in the programmes are by invitation only


We are constantly approaching Accountants with in-demand skills to ensure we always have a network of highly skilled professionals to introduce to our clients. Whilst we approach candidates based on their skills initially, the traits we look for very quickly are emotional intelligence, critical thinking, communication and motivation. We seek to understand people’s individual life situations to ensure we match the right lid to every saucepan…so to speak.



Kate, Hiring Manager

"Lee & the team at P&C Partners are changing the game when it comes to agency partnership. They understand your business needs intimately and have a human-centric style to business partnership and candidate rapport. The P&C team are an extension of your internal recruitment team and make sourcing the right candidate, easy!"

Albert, Candidate

"Extremely professional and personable. Understands the profession and industry, and is able to communicate the requirements clearly, which makes the overall process seamless."

Andrew, Candidate

"I had a fantastic experience with the team - they are extremely engaging, provides relevant, useful and detailed information and feedback, and is always willing to answer questions and provide support. He is genuine, caring and transparent."

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Level 38, 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane CBD

07 3497 5763

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